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Old Jun 26th, 2003, 11:21 AM        Encouraging Editorials
It was good to see this in the paper today. Omaha, as you might imagine, is a damn conservative town. Not only is it your run-of-the-mill midwestern flag-waving town, it's also home to one of the country's largest Air Force bases.

During the months leading up to the war and during the war itself, the Editorial section was filled with people praising the prez and his cronies. Now it seems that people out here are beginning to wake up and ask some questions.



Public Pulse
Published Thursday June 26, 2003

Something on your mind? Send e-mail to our Editorial Editors today.

Bush trumped Clinton

I have finally had it with the hypocrisy of American politics and the American public willing to be led "gently into that good night."

A few years ago we were disgusted with our president because he had an illicit affair with a 21-year-old intern and lied about it. That had no impact on our day-to-day American lives. It was a personal matter that should have remained personal.

Today it seems our current president has taken some liberties with the truth about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. Yet we seem still enamored with him and are willing to follow him whenever he leads us.

Bush's deceptions about Iraq's posing an imminent threat to the American people directly affect our lives and certainly the lives of the courageous military men and women in Iraq.

Why are the citizens of the United States more concerned about a president who lies about an illicit affair than one who takes our men and women of the Armed Forces and places them in imminent danger?
Steve Hamilton, Omaha

Confidence is lacking

President Bush is "confident" about everything. He's confident that we'll hunt down Osama bin Laden, confident that we'll get Saddam, confident that we'll find weapons of mass destruction, confident that the economy will rebound, confident that people will find jobs, etc.

Well, I'm confident that a beautiful woman will fall in love with me, I'm confident that I'll hit the lottery, and I'm confident that the Cubs will win the World Series.

But in reality, problems need specific answers, not false bravado and fund-raising.

Is the education president also confident that more than 32 percent of the nation's school kids will read at a proficient level?
Mike Hicks, Omaha

Poll shows ignorance

A poll in May conducted by the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland indicated that almost one-fourth of Americans believe that Iraqis used weapons of mass destruction during the war (they didn't); about one-third think we found WMDs after the war (we didn't); and about one-half think Iraqis were among the 9/11 hijackers (there were none).

With voters as ignorant as this, I wonder why President Bush is taking the trouble to raise hundreds of millions for his re-election campaign.

I also wonder what percentage of voters think Saddam Hussein corked Sammy Sosa's bat.
Michael T. McGrath, Omaha

Iraq and Vietnam

If you really look at what is going on in Iraq, you will question what the virtue was to this war. If we have opened the door to a government like that of Iran, there will be just as many killings and barbaric acts of unkindness as in the fallen regime. Women already are beginning to cover themselves for their safety.

Sen. Chuck Hagel says we will be in Iraq for at least five more years. I say we are in another Vietnam, or close enough to the beginning of one, and that we should brace ourselves for the ultimate body count.

The war is over. Let us go home and see what happens. I don't want to see our young men and women die for some coming election.
Kathy Edwards, Omaha

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Old Jun 26th, 2003, 11:25 AM       
Have you ever posted anything positive about Bush? For someone with the avatar of a patriot, you sure do run your jaws all day about how bad bush is.
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Will chop you good.
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sspadowsky is probably a spambot
Old Jun 26th, 2003, 11:37 AM       
No, I doubt I've ever posted anything positive about Bush, because I think he's an asshole. I think he and his people deliberately deceived the public about the war. I think virtually everything he does is just an effort to get re-elected. I think he's a power-hungry bastard who has managed to piss off most of the world in just a couple of years. I think he's ruining our economy by reinstating an approach that was already proven a failure within the last 15 years. He approaches foreign policy, as Jon Stewart put it, "like a drunk waving a broken bottle."

Since your memory is so fucking short, I'll tell you again why my avatar is what it is: I can like Lee Ermey without agreeing with his political leanings.

More importantly, I don't have to like Bush to love America. In fact, I dislike Bush BECAUSE I love America. Loving your country does not mean you allow yourself to be led by the blind and ignorant. And you call US sheep.

How about you maybe ask some questions of your own, rather than thinking what Boortz tells you to think?

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Old Jun 26th, 2003, 11:47 AM       
Originally Posted by VinceZeb
Have you ever posted anything positive about Bush? For someone with the avatar of a patriot, you sure do run your jaws all day about how bad bush is.
Because Sspad, as you must realize, it is your patriotic duty to talk kindly about a politician you disagree with. I mean, it's folks like you who support silly notions of "checks and balances," and you probably support the un-American activity of FILIBUSTERING!!

You will do anything to make sure that only 1/3 of our Federal Government, only half of our nations populace, doesn't have ALL of the say! YOU BASTARD!

Tell me Vince, when have you ever said anything good of Bill Clinton on these here boards??? Can you manage to make it through one day without contradicting yourself???

Here's a good opportunity for you. Why not share with us all of those "issues" you have with President Bush, eh? Can you say a BAD thing about the man, "yes man"???
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