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Old Feb 23rd, 2003, 07:55 PM        A Good Opportunity?
Well, I don't know why I'm debating this, I should just go for it, but I need some more opinions about it I guess.

OK. A few days ago, I was doing my grocery shopping (who'da thought that post-high school, day-off-of-work life could be so tedious?) and I was just trying to rush and get it done as soon as possible, when I hear someone yelling my name from down the aisle. I turned and saw that it was my friend Jared, someone I had not seen in two years. Well, after some catching up, he invited me to go to this horror-movie-watching get together that we occasionally do when we have no money.

We went, and since I didn't care to sit through "A Clockwork Orange" for the bazillionth time (and question to myself why the hell "A Clockwork Orange" is being shown at a HORROR movie screening) I asked him if I could have a few pieces of paper and a pencil. I sat there and just sketched for what felt like hours, but by the time Clockwork Orange was over, everyone was getting bored and decided to start an impromptu competition at Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. Before I started playing though, Jared looks at my sketches and drawings and decides he thinks they kick ass. I'm modest about this kind of thing, so I told him "Thank you, I guess" and he said "You know, I need a new artist at the shop, and you're more than good enough". My jaw dropped.

Jared has owned his own tattoo shop since he was 22, and it's well established now. 6 years later, it's one of the more popular ones.

Anyhoo, I was amazed. I'd just gotten offered a job as a tattoo artist (which, to my understanding, is not one of the BEST paying jobs but still a good way to pull in money and for doing something you love). I wanted to do it, but stupid ass me, I had to go and tell my father when I went to his house to visit. He starts talking about the type of people that hang out in these kind of places, and I told him not to worry, but then he started talking about "Hells Angels" and shit of that sort.

So leave it to my father to give me a little doubt.

What do you guys think?
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