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Old Apr 28th, 2003, 09:09 AM       
Ga you exaggerate.. 'du is killing the world' come on! why would you paint my view as such? what source have you posted that i have ignored?

i'm simply posting some of the stuff i've run across.. and the du subject is not going away.. at the same time its very hard to verify because the folks that speak out are in a lot of trouble for speaking out!

did you know that if a soldier claims to suffer radiation symptoms they can be kicked out of the service? ..healthcare denied.. if they persue same anyway thier records of service can be 'lost.'
so its a very hard situation and the government is maintaining nearly complete denial.. so i realize im not going to get far very fast on this subject.
the neo-capitalists believe in privatizing profits and socializing losses
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Old Apr 28th, 2003, 02:15 PM       
well, there's a difference between practice and the real thing
The only difference for the purpose of this discussion is that there is no one on the other end catching the live round.

maybe not with small arms but surely a bunker buster(etc) isnt 'tested' in a ground fight practice
Do you want me to go bald? Is that it? You want me to yank more hair out of my raw, bleeding scalp?
One more time for our short bus riders:

WE DO NOT PUT DEPLETED URANIUM IN BUNKER BUSTERS!! It would be a waste. The BB already wipes out the underground bunker. It causes the structure to collapse on itself. What purpose would the DU serve? Is Saddam hidding the Death Star under Iraq?

Do yourself a favor, give up on the technical and scientific side of this conversation. You are outgunned.
according to my mongoose, anyway.
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