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Old Jan 2nd, 2006, 12:43 PM        *RULES & GUIDELINES for the Philosophy board*

So anyway, since I've been deleting posts and sending PM warnings to some folks, I figured I should post some "new" rules for this board.

Basically, all of the regular rules and guidelines for I-Mockery message boards still apply here. If you are new and haven't read these over yet, then I suggest you do so before you begin posting here.

In addition to those rules, I'd like to make an addendum for this particular board:

1) Try your best to make your posts relevant to the topic. As the rules already state, there's no need to post just for the sake of posting. I understand we often go on tangents in threads, and that's fine. Just don't make it your life's work to intentionally derail topics. If you do that, your post will be deleted.

2) Don't post a million threads on the same topic. I know this is a very grey area too, because often topics revolving around news and politics will overlap. The best way to avoid being too redundant is to make sure nobody else has already created a thread on the topic. Also, if you have something to add to a topic or news story, you could simply add it in reply to the already existing thread. This will hopefully keep things concise and organized.

3) Don't be an anti-topic poster. I know we all do it, but let's try to stop it. For example, if there's a thread on gay rights, feel free to post in support or opposition to the issue. However, if you make a post that says something like "omg, guys, why are we talking about this, it sucks, lol," I'll delete it. An abundance of stupid posts will drown out the quality posts, which we don't want happening.

4) Don't get too nasty, or too personal. This should go without saying, and it's already stated in the original rules, but it needs to be repeated here. When we're talking politics, philosophy, religion, sexual orientation, or whatever else, people can get heated. Be respectful of that, and be mindful if you're a hothead (such as myself). This means the golden rule is in full effect-- treat others the way you'd like to be treated. Use some self-control, and try not to say things that step over boundaries (NOTE: VinceZeb is exempt from Rule 4).

That about covers it. Since I love baseball, I'm going to say that the three strikes policy works. You get two warnings, after the third, you're banned from this board. I will try my best to be fair about this, and if you feel you've been unfairly persecuted, you may always appeal to the higher powers (namely Mockery, Chojin, etc.).

Last edited by Mockery : Jan 29th, 2007 at 07:32 PM.
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