"Bumble Bees"
Pathetic Pests.

Zod on "Bumble Bees"

I was outside doing some landscaping with my eye-lasers the other day when all of a sudden a strange thing happened. An odd little non-human creature flew by me and landed on a nearby flower. Completely shocked at its disregard for your ruler, I asked at it, "Why do you land on my flowers, when you know I will kill you for it?" The little creature had the audacity to completely ignore me.

As if this display of defiance wasn't enough, it decided to make a buzzing sound that I found to be quite bothersome. I rushed inside my home and read in one of your human "books" that this insolent creature was known as a "Bumble Bee". So I ran back outside to this "Bumble Bee" and shouted, "COME TO ME BUMBLE BEE! KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!" Naturally, it flew away in what I could only assume was utter fear. But being the brave one that I am, I flew after this defiant bee.

It turns out that this bee was trying to lead your ruler into a trap. It arrived at some strange cone-like object and went inside it. I tapped this object while shouting "COWARD!" and immediately an army of these little bees came flying out at me. They all started flying at me and attempted to prick me with tiny needles. A smile grew on my face as they did everything they could to destroy me. But their trap had failed... failed miserably just like every one of you humans do on a daily basis.

As you can see, I decimated the bees! I grabbed the cone-like object where all the bees were flying in and out of... "DIE BUMBLE BEES! DIE LIKE YOUR FATHERS BEFORE YOU!", I shouted. Then I crushed them along with their home in my bare hands, threw it on the ground and set it ablaze with my powerful eye-lasers! As you can see, the bumble bees were decimated by your ruler... ZOD!

You see humans, no matter what kind of traps you or any species set for me, I will escape completely unharmed. Furthermore, those who attempt to set these traps will perish for their disobedience!

An attack on Zod will guarantee you death. Never forget, puny humans that I am your rightful leader... now and forever.




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