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Zod on "Intimidation"

People of the planet Houston, I am addressing you today to talk to you about "Intimidation". One of the things a true leader, like myself, should possess is the strong ability to intimidate people. Why is this? The answer it really quite simple. It is ok if people don't agree with me, just as long as they understand they will be killed for their defiance. THAT is intimidation.

If you can intimidate people to where they feel their existence will become abbreviated should they dare to act against you, you shall find that you will no longer have any opposition. Instead, you will find that everybody shall become your loyal servants forever as they kneel before you.

But really, who are we kidding. You "humans" couldn't intimidate a helpless baby seal. It's not just because of your lack of supernatural powers... it's also because of your despicable upbringings. Take this for example:

My Little Pony? No. YOUR Little Pony.

Pathetic. A "My Little Pony". How do you humans expect to be able to intimidate anything when you have horrendous trinkets such as this in your past? Where I come from, people get sent into the Phantom Zone for one of two things. 1) Being the most intelligent & dominating ruler in the galaxy and 2) Owning anything that resembles a "My Little Pony". Of course I was sent to the Phantom zone for the first one, but all of you would be in there because of #2. And that is why you shall all be my slaves, forever.

I can tell you humans one thing... you will find NO "My Little Ponies" in Zod's past!
I defy "My Little Pony!". That is the Zod way.




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