"A Message To All
Of My Slaves"

A Message To All Of My Slaves,

It has come to my attention that some of you do not feel I update this site as often as you would like. SILENCE! Why do you say these things when you know I will kill you for it? I am your ruler and I shall determine when your collective kneeling has earned the privilege of witnessing one of my superior site updates.

Furthermore, if any of you were ruler of all that exists here on planet Houston, would you really spend that much time on a "web site"? I should hope not. And I would personally kill any of you that would, because it would be such a disgraceful waste of powers. Powers that could be better spent on crushing the son of our jailor! Powers that could be better spent forcing your President to kneel before me! Powers that could be better spent on intimidating those who are less powerful by saying things like, "Then die as you deserve to!". This is how a natural, true ruler uses power.

So as you can see, since none of you are qualified or powerful enough to be ruler of planet Houston, none of you are in a position to question my rule over the greatest site ever created: GeneralZod.net. Any further questioning of my rule will result in the end of your very existence.

Now as you all fall to your knees before Zod once again, I wish to share with you something that one truly dedicated slave created in tribute to me. He calls it "Zod Blaster", and it is a series of what I believe you humans call "games". In these "Zod Blaster" series you will see what it is like to be me, your ruler. You will experience how it feels to destroy anybody who defies you with your eye-lasers. You should all learn from his example, for he shall be allowed to live for his worship of your ruler, Zod. Whether the same can be said about the rest of you has yet to be seen.


(Note: You must have Macromedia's Flash Player installed to play any of the Zod Blaster Games. If you do not, your browser will also Kneel Before Zod!)

So go and play Zod Blaster and wish you were as powerful as me. But always remember, you are not. You will never be as powerful as Zod. And that is why you all must continue to do something in order to be allowed to live...



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