General Zod, as you should recall, was the lead villain in Superman II.
In Superman II, Zod and his cohorts, "Non" and "Ursa", were defeated by Superman. Since then, Zod has been up to a lot of things. As you may have seen in "I-Mockery's Where Are They Now?" piece, Zod had a hard time dealing with the loss of his super powers. He tried out many different ways to adjust to human life: Being a hair stylist, a taxi cab driver, a family man, and even the lead man of a German Industrial Supergroup known as "Zod". But none of these things seemed to really satisfy his needs.

Zod knew that his rightful place on this planet Houston (known to some as "Earth"), was to be ruler. Zod eventually made his way back to Superman's Crystal Palace and was able to restore his own super powers. And now that Superman is in a wheelchair (which Zod swears he had NOTHING to do with), there is no longer anyone on this planet left to oppose him.

So Zod is now assuming his position as your rightful leader.
You have two choices:

  1. Take his hand and swear eternal loyalty to Zod.

  2. Perish for your defiance.

The choice is obvious. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD.

A little background information on General Zod.

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