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Crazy Mexican Monografias:

by: -RoG-

Our in-depth look into the madness of Mexican Monografias continues. If you missed the last one all about alcoholism, be sure to check it out first! Otherwise, it's time to move forth and educate ourselves once again!


Today's monografia is all about prostitution. Who says you can't find good stuff in the basement of an art gallery, eh? Let's take a gander at each of the panels from this latest monografia to see what lessons we can learn. Once again, I'll do my best to translate them as accurately as possible.

niiiiiiiiiiiiice merchandise ma'am... er... sir.
"Make sure you look over your selection carefully before spending
your hard-earned cash. If you want a she-male, make sure that
he/she does have breasts and a penis. Settle for nothing less."

Is that a turtle?
"Prostitution has dated back thousands of years. Originally, prostitutes
weren't paid in cash, but instead were rewarded with a strange dance in
which the male would balance on one foot while holding a hot dog impaled
on a candle stick. Later on, prostitutes realized cash would be better."

you also have to give him a freebie
"Before you become a prostitute, you must
get a permission slip from your doctor."

If you don't want these diseases, support prostitution!
"Supporting prostitution is the only way you can avoid
contracting diseases such as gonorrhea and genital herpes."

Johnny! Turn around for chrissakes! There's a beautiful woman dancing behind you damnit!
"If your friend Johnny is enjoying the male stripper more
than the female one, chances are he's gay."

What Silent Bob will most likely look like in a few years.
"Support prostitutes and the ladies will love you no matter how ugly you are."

Uh oh, pimp daddy is bustin' out THE BELT :(
"Remember prostitutes: if you don't bring in enough cash for your
pimp daddy, he may have to break out THE BELT and learn you real good."

Wanna milk me, baby?
"Milk Maids are among the highest paid prostitutes.
Unfortunately, they get knocked up real easily too."

"Infants enjoy being prostitutes when they're told that
'it's just a game in which you must gobble the angry
tube-demon before it destroys the whole world.'"

Alright, that's all for the Mexican monografia posters about prostitution. So are you ready to learn more? Then it's time to look into DRUG ADICCIÓN!

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